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Yüce Law Office which was founded at 2011, has provided a service to own clients about plenty of law professions along with own contact offices where is resided in İstanbul and Ankara.

Main professions are represented in detail on relevant sections of our website.

Our office provides legal counselling and executive proceeding services besides attorneyship service. Attorneyship service involves represent as your person or your company in the cases. So attorneyship service involves; represent you in the every kind of cases which are going to opening or was opened law suits by you or against to you; give legal aid service and exchange letters and negotiate in line with this purpose and substitute your company.

By inclusive of our legal counselling service; necessary statutory audits and examining are performed, all legal documents and procedures are analysed, deficient one or defective one is overhauled, non-deficient or defective documents are prepared by us for proceeding the course in judicial process about business field of your company and other all business in the correct way. There is aim to prepare a reliable legal infrastructure, minimize to number of legal controversy and protect to company interest against encountered controversy in maximum along with mentioned services. Final aim is to take on a task as sort of protective medicine and provide "protectionist lawyer and preventive law" service so contribute to healthy development of your company. In same reason, due to impose obligation to arrangement our commercial life in accordance with the New Turkish Commercial Law No 6102, in the process of integration to mentioned law, Yüce Law Office makes easy to passing period, manage to procedure and does necessary performance with the intend of accommodate corporate inner process and legal documents to new regulations due to its' intimate knowledge and experience.

Execution proceeding service which is provided by us, is collect every kind of account receivable through execution proceeding procedure and discharge to suits, distrait and other process which are related execution proceeding and pursuance to legal transactions related execution proceeding as like bankrupt, postponement of bankrupt, concordat. In this sense our service is follow up to legal proceeding about account receivable from market as like check account, invoice, cheque, bond which are related legal reason by execution and bankruptcy law and provide to transfer to collected money to firm accounts thereby make collects immediately by way of to discharge legal procedures to the letter so as to accomplish to assignment are mentioned above.

ESİN YÜCE, Attorney at Law
She was born at 1980. She got her attorney's licence at 2003.

Business Experience
Since 2011, she has worked as an independent attorney after had worked for important corporate firms inclusive of Turkcell and Turyap as a lawyer and legal counsellor from 2003 to 2011.

She graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law.

Antalya Bar Association, Altı Nokta Körler Association

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