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Commercial Law and Corporations

Our office represents you for cases and controversies that are inflicted about all fields of commercial law also criminal and administrative suits.

Agency, distributorship, unfair competitions, bargain an sale, determine, collect, commencing to execution sizeable amount account receivable, bankrupt and liquidation process of firms, product liability, consumer protection, insurance and reinsurance, customs, import and export issues, shipping and custom duties, import and export evaluation, acknowledge, recognize and approval foreign judgments and arbitraments are included our service which is oriented to commercial law.

We as a law Office provides service about smuggling, customs, corporate tax and assessment, transfer pricing, public procurement and capital market, competition law and adaptation study for fighting against corruption.

Labour Law

Our law office provides counselling and representation services about collective bargaining and employment agreements, secrecy and non-competition agreement for employee and execute the obligations which are inflicted by these agreements, job security and termination cases, employees' intellectual property rights and patents, obligations that inflicted by occupational accidents, severance and notice pays, recourse claims and principals of employing foreign workers, management and configuration of human resource and organization and reconfiguration of establishments.

Civil Law and Inheritance Law

There is besides of cases which are inflicted by Civil Law, cases are inflicted by inheritance, descent and estate are constituted content of inheritance.

Health Legislation

We provide service about patient rights and professional liability of doctors, malpractice, high council of health's decisions, legal relation of transplanting and private medical institutions' liabilities.

Liability and Compensation Law

We provide supports our clients to negotiate and make an agreement about accident related demand and contract related pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages requests by remedies. In this sense we support pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages and tortious act requests, libel, malicious prosecution, etc. as situations that are subjected to criminal matters related pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages requests.

Hotel Management Rental and Financing

Prepare hotel rental contracts and hotel management agreements, examine to actual state and legal status of hotel pursuant to preparations of hotel oriented projects before, prepare and manage the rental contracts which are made build-operate-transfer related, research about hotel investments and financing and represent about deal to be made with local and international investors and financial institutions are among our provided services to our clients.

Resolution Of The Disputes Through Litigation or Arbitration

In the financial partnerships, we give counselling services and representation services and we give legal counselling service to the local or foreign-owned companies. For the international financial institutions and funds, we give the legal support for their representation in retails and capital investments in consumption sectors in Turkey and in their beginning investments and in the output operations from the companies, we provide support to the interpretation of the disputed provisions of the international conventions. We give legal counselling service about developing strategies for the agreements containing international arbitration provisions.

Law Of Domestic Relations

We give services to our clients about the law of domestic relations of Civil Code aspecially about negotiated or contested divorce cases and law of property between husband and wife, marriage permission, adoption, bastardy case and guardianship.

Competition Law

Our law office gives counselling services on impartialness to the competition law and control in mergers and acquisitions and also gives services on notice preperations and submitting to the Competition Authority. In addition to these services, evaluation of the contracts in terms of the rules of competition law, representation in the enquiries and during the verbal self-defences and enforcement of the nullity suits in the presence of the Council Of The State are inside the services of our office.

Penal Law

We give counselling and legal services to our clients in preparations, trials, appelate procedures, rectification periods and in each step of the penal law cases.

Realty and Building Laws

Preparing the bargain and sale contracts and in the preparation periods of the real state centered projects, reconnoitring the actual and legal status of the realty, auditing the projects about the assigned public properties, counselling services and representation for the foreigners having properties in Turkey, drawing up every kind of contracts that the property owners need in the bargain and sale periods and giving the legal counselling services on the issues during the implementation phase. Apart from these, giving the counselling service on leasing law and compromising the claims or referring them to the arbitration, hypothecations, building permissions, counselling on management plans and regulations and preparing the international and local construction contracts, settling disputes on tenders, financial or construction contracts are in our scopes.

Gayrimenkul ve İnşaat Hukuku

Gayrimenkul alım satımına ilişkin sözleşmeler hazırlamak ve gayrimenkul odaklı projeler öncesi hazırlıklar çerçevesinde gayrimenkulün fiili ve hukuki durumu hakkında incelemeler yapmak, tahsisli hazine arazilerinin yer aldığı projelerin denetimi, yabancıların Türkiye'de gayrimenkul edinimleri noktasında danışmanlık ve temsil ile yatırımcıların ve gayrimenkul sahiplerinin gayrimenkul alımı ve satımı sürecinde ihtiyaç duyduğu her türlü sözleşmenin düzenlenmesi ve uygulama aşamasında ortaya çıkan sorunlar hakkında hukuki danışmanlık hizmetleri sunmaktayız. Bunlar dışında, kiralama hukuku konusunda danışmanlık hizmetleri verilmesi ve ihtilafların sulhen veya dava yolu ile çözümlenmesi, ipotek işlemleri tesisi, bina izinleri, yönetim planları ve düzenlemeleri konularında danışmanlık hizmetleri ile uluslararası ve yerel inşaat sözleşmelerinin hazırlanması,ihaleler,finans,inşaat sözleşmelerinden kaynaklanan uyuşmazlıkların çözümlenmesi faaliyet alanlarımız içerisindedir.

Insurance and Transportation Law

Our works on the insurance law goes a long way in this sector. We both represent the insurance companies and assured companies and people and give all kinds of legal services on the insurance cases. About the transportation law, we give the counselling and attorneyship on the disputes about the head-end business and passenger transportation and mainly on suit for damages.

Communication, Telecommunication Law ( BASE STATIONS)

Our law office gives legal counselling services on the Turkish telecommunication laws, cross-border broadcasts, private radio and television broadcasting legislation and the other related official regulations.

Telecommunication services of our law office are the electronic communication / telecommunication services and their substructure, wireless equipment; configuring the telecommunication projects and representation of the clients in the presence of the institutions and governing bodies like government, Information And Communication Technologies Authority or Radio And Television Supreme Council and in the presence of the administrative courts and Council of State.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Law

Our law office takes the responsibility of every type of complex works on the intellectual property rights such as defending the brands which are well-known and famous in their sectors, registrating all types of intellectual property rights, deregistration and nullity of the illegal and unfair registrations, preclusion courts for the intervention and invasions to the intellectual property rights, imposing an interim injuction, ambiguity and unfair competition courts.

We make due diligence about the trademark and designing rights, counselling about the trademark and designing rights for the firms and other commercial agreements and we confer on these agreements and commit to paper.

Our law office makes objections in the presence of the Turkish Patent Institute and makes the applications in the presence of the Board of Reinspection and Survey and also takes actions for nullity in the presence of the courts and finally gives consultation on the property registration strategies and procedures in the cooperation with the Intellection Property Registration Group.

Counselling and preparing strategies on the struggle against the backstreet and limitation, researching the infringements to the intellectual property rights, doing the necessary recources for search and seizure, filing the necessary applications for the cautions in the customs, starting the proceedings about the imitation products and counselling and giving the representation service on each type of civil suits and criminal suits.

Law of Foreigners

We give representation service and counselling to the real or legal entities on the real estate buying and selling procedures, and getting the residence and working permits. Legal procedures in taking the Turkish citizenship period and import and export law come within our area of expertise.