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General Letter of Attorney :

Esin Yüce, Attorney of Law of Antalya Bar Association who resident in Tahılpazarı District Adnan Menderes Boulevard 470 Street K. Erkal Business Center No: 4/9 Floor: 2 Muratpaşa / Antalya, registered on Düden Tax Office by 19151794928 registered no, is appointed as the attorney by me to protect my benefits and represent me before judicial bodies, assemblies, departments and establishments of R.O.T. due to sued or to be sued in favour of me or against to me, sue a law suit, executive proceeding, contribute to sued, follow up and conclude them, go to arbitrage or appoint an arbitrator, on behalf of me, by own signature in my place, making all kind of petition and documents to institutions and organizations, declare and accept declarations, appoint expert, accept or denied expert who appointed by adversary, answer protest, dunning letter, notice, drawing ones, accept or denied oath tender, to reconnoitre, stand ready on reconnoitre, object to reconnoitre reports, reclaim to reconnoitre, impose an interim injunction and executive cautionary judgement, levy and release an attachment, make all necessary legal process and follow up them before enforcement offices, court of appeal, court of accounts, council of state, district administrative court, tax courts, state security court and all judicial bodies and state agency that are founded or to be founded, appeal oral hearing, request to rectify a decision and reclamation to judgement, complaint and dismissal judge, expert, witness, clerk, expert witness, transfer of case, join to trials, receive in person and pass in by hand papers, record and copy them, verify to files, make amends, represent me before tax offices, appreciation appeal and city reconciliation committee and institution which are founded and to be founded due to law, demanding negotiation, signing and object to record of trials, follow up and conclude to legal actions, request to excluded from hearing, demanding execution of decision from related establishment, appoint, assign and remove to other people by part of these mentioned authority or completely on the purpose of using these authority part of or completely, collect and receive, compromise and release, withdraw from suit or appeal, accept to withdraw from the suit, contribute to levy tender bid, make a bid on behalf of me.

State to the notary about the powers which you want to take part in the letter of attorney; encashment, compromise, acquittal, retraxit, acceptance, disaffirmance, garnish, property declare, assign, criminal record taking, name and age changes cases, criminal record sheet taking.

For the attorney letters in the name of the firms, if you place "on behalf of the company by procuration, on behalf of me by personally" sentence into the letter, by the single letter of attorney, you can give a letter of attorney both for your firm and yourself. If you will give the letter of the attorney for a legal entity, you should take the certificate of incorporation and specimen of signature with you

It should be stated to the notary that, the letter of attorney will be given for divorce or the sue is an enforcement and recognition sue.
2 photographs and id card-driving license should be taken to the notary.
For the letters of attorney which will be taken for enforcement and recognition, it should be stated that it is for enforcement and recognition.

Private Letter of Attorney ( for the works to be enforced in the presence of Turkish Patent Institute) :

In the TURKISH PATENT INSTITUTE and in its organizational units and within the framework of Madrid protocol, for all the patents, petty patents, industrial designs and trademarks that are recorded and will be registered in the name of me; I appointed trademark attorney ESİN YÜCE who has 1820 registered number in the Turkish Patent Institute and resides in Tahilpazari District, Adnan Menderes Boulevard, 470. Street, K. Erkal Trade Center N: 4/9 Floor: 2 Muratpaşa / ANTALYA adress as the trademark attorney in the national or international levels for registrations, renewal, making adress and title changes, making property additions or extractions to the trademarks, having residency certificate, paying and/or taking fee in the name of me, appealing in the presence of the institute, paying annuities of the patents, taking the utilization permits from the notary for the patents, petty patents, industrial designs and trademarks, signing licenses and transfer contracts, protection of my rights, representation of our firms for the patents, petty patents, industrial designs and trademarks, doing all kinds of file tracking works, signing and assigning petitions and papers, making changes and signing, presentation of every kind of legal documents and following-up all our works and finalization.